The Marc’s & Tony “Trippin on Grass” New England IPA

Name: Trippin on Grass
Brewer: The Marc’s & Tony Brewing Co. (Philippines)
Style: Specialty IPA: New England IPA
ABV: 7%
Review Year: 2021

Head Brewer Tony Sindayen of The Marc’s & Tony Brewing Co. (Antipolo) brings back one of his proudest creations in 2020– Trippin on Grass, a New England IPA (NEIPA) brewed with Galaxy, Mosaic, and Topaz hops.


This beer is being evaluated as a Specialty IPA: New England IPA (21B) in the context of the provisional guidelines of the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) for the said beer style. The most current version of the guidelines can be found on the BJCP website.


Hazy straw with a frothy white head. Soft and ripe pineapple, peach, and mango on the nose; light bready aroma. Medium-full bodied, medium carbonation; very smooth and “pillowy” on the palate. Hop-forward flavor profile: ripe apricot, peach, and mango sans the acidity but with some zesty lime peel. Supportive bready backbone; medium sweetness contributing to the “juiciness.” Moderately-high bitterness manifested as resiny, piney, and slightly herbal that lingered long even into the aftertaste.


This batch of Trippin on Grass reminded us why this was our most favorite New England IPA from The Marc’s & Tony Brewing Co. in 2020– it is an interesting interpretation of the style that took the craft beer world by storm. This latest version is definitely way better than its predecessor. First, it’s juicier, smoother, and more pillowy. Second, despite this beer donning a “green” and “grassy” theme, it’s a far cry from being a young or “green” beer and one with inappropriate qualities of freshly cut grass. The medicinal and peppery hints as noted in the first version are now likewise subdued. The ripeness of the fruit-like flavors is still spot-on and melds well with the bitterness. Outstanding.

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