Knotted Root “Time in the Forest” Unfiltered Double Dry-Hopped IPA

Name: Time in the Forest
Brewer: Knotted Root Brewing Company (United States)
Style: American IPA
ABV:  7.4%
Review Year: 2021

Time in the Forest is an “Unfiltered Double Dry-Hopped IPA”  brewed by Knotted Root Brewing Company that features the unique Southern Hemisphere hop variety, Vic Secret. 

Knotted Root Brewing Company is a small, artisan brewery from Nederland, Colorado, and is known to combine elements of traditional Belgian brewing with the spirit of American experimentation. This brewery from the quaint mountainside of Colorado focuses on unfiltered hoppy ales, smoothie-style sours, and rustic farmhouse ales.


This beer is being evaluated as an American IPA (21A) in the context of the 2015 Beer Style Guidelines of the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). The most current version of the guidelines can be found on the BJCP website.


Hazy straw color with a foamy white head. The nose evoked aloe vera, jasmine tea, peach, mango, and passion fruit. Medium-bodied; moderately-low carbonation. Hop-forward flavor profile that featured primarily lime peel, orange pith with supportive aloe vera, and a dank quality. Light bready malt backbone; moderately-high bitterness that manifested as resiny and piney. Slight hop burn was noted. Finished very dry (no sweetness); hints of resin and black pepper lingered shortly as aftertaste.


Billed as an “Unfiltered Double Dry-Hopped IPA” and benchmarked as an American IPA, Time in the Forest is a hazy, bitter, and very dry IPA that blurs the lines between the hazy New England IPA (21B) (NEIPA) and the dry-bitter American IPA.

The aloe-vera-like aroma and flavor made this beer memorable and this trait melded well with the assertive resiny and piney bitterness. The hazy appearance (usually from the dry-hopping) and the intense fruit aroma are hallmarks of a NEIPA, but this beer lacks the juicy and fruity flavors the style is known for. Moreover, Time in the Forest is significantly more bitter and drier than your typical NEIPA.

Overall, we think this IPA is an excellent showcase of the best of both worlds, although the hop burn could still be toned down a bit. We’d imagine this being enjoyed while hiking.

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