HideOut “Buko-Pandan” Milkshake IPA

Name: Buko-Pandan
Brewer: HideOut Craft Brewery (Philippines)
Style: Experimental Beer
ABV: 7%
Review Year: 2021

From the creator of the Ube Milkshake IPA and I Got U-Beh Ube Milk Stout comes a brand new Filipino delicacy-inspired beer. This is the Buko-Pandan Milkshake IPA from HideOut Craft Brewery (Quezon City)– a beer that features coconut (buko), pandan leaves, and milk sugar. 


This beer is being evaluated as an Experimental Beer (34C) in the context of the 2015 Beer Style Guidelines of the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). The most current version of the guidelines can be found on the BJCP website. Note that Buko-Pandan Milkshake IPA was brewed with milk sugar/ lactose, toasted coconut, and pandan leaves.

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Slightly hazy green with a greenish-white head. The nose is quite aromatic and really captured the essence of buko pandan (salad): coconut, pandan, and cream. These held up well even as the beer settled. Medium-bodied; moderately carbonated. Flavor: medium-low sweetness resembling coconut syrup and cream; supportive bright malty character; and moderately-low hop bitterness (piney and resiny). Noted bitterness lingered into the aftertaste; dry.


HideOut’s Buko-Pandan Milkshake IPA is another well-executed novelty that matched expectations with reality. The aroma profile is spot on, while sweetness already felt sufficient. Moreover, the malt and bitterness were notable enough to remind us that this was still beer and not carbonated buko salad.

Compared to a typical NEIPA, this green beer shared similar haziness. Despite this, HideOut’s beer is significantly sweeter than your average NEIPA (thanks to the lactose) and lacks the signature tropical fruit qualities the mentioned style is known for. Buko-Pandan Milkshake IPA also borrowed the clean and supportive malt character typical in American IPAs on top of the familiar piney-resiny hop bitterness. All these, of course, at notably lower intensities than American IPAs.

This was another challenging beer to review due to the lack of defined benchmarks or parameters. But if there’s one thing this beer could still improve on, it would be to have a slightly softer and fuller mouthfeel.

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